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The Edikio Access is the most economical solution for printing one-sided counter cards. Ideal for printing smaller volumes of single-sided counter cards and possibly manual double-sided.



The Edikio Flex is the most flexible solution for printing standard and long counter charts. Ideal for printing one-sided counter cards on credit card size but also longer passes up to 150 mm.



Edikio Duplex is ideal for printing larger volumes of double-sided counter cards when, for example, you have multiple sales locations.




Presentation Value

Consistent identical price tags improves brand image & presentation value a lot!

Food Safe and Easy to Print

Clean your tags the easy way, Hygienic high quality tags

Easy to Print & Update

There is no way to print your price tags faster and easier.

Informed customers and Staff

You can put more than just product name and price on your price tags. Think allergens, origins, ingredients, product code and barcode, just to name a few.

Cheap to Print

The low cost of on demand card printing outweighs the time & effort spent on slow traditional methods.

Print loyalty, gift, staff and visitor cards!

Yes, you can print other things too! Anything you can imagine printing on a PVC credit card sized plastic card… you can print.

Advantages of using “Plastic Cards”?

Your imagination is the limit !

Edikio ... your assistant

It’s time to step into the future of product price display. Imagine the information and presentation value this solution can offer your customers. You can quickly and easily produce not only attractive and informative price tags, but loyalty cards, gift cards, visitor and name badge cards, anything is possible.

A Turnkey Solution

All you need is our simple design software, which runs on any computer, the printer and some consumables, i.e. ribbons and cards.
All come in a turnkey solution box, so you can get printing as soon as you receive the package

We developed a dedicated professional software to design and print cards on demand, from your product list, so no need to do it one by one!

Get your world class high performance printer. It works as easily as a paper printer, except it prints on plastic cards.

Simple and easy to use consumables makes the process incredibly easy. The printer requires only two cards and “ribbons”, cartridges for the card printers.


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