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Cards for restaurants and caterers

You are a caterer and would like to have nice cards in your display case? Perhaps you have now printed price maps yourself and then laminated them. This looks nice, however, attract this moisture and are therefore no longer fresh in no time. The cards from are easy to clean, and more importantly Hygiene ISO certified, so that they can be placed in your display case without any problems. These plastic counter tickets are extremely suitable for hygienically responsible presentation of your products, such as showcases with meat, fresh fish, vegetables, bread and pastries, sushi, chocolate and other foodstuffs and therefore extremely suitable for you as a caterer. These plastic cards offer you enough space for the vital information you want placed on it, such as product name and price information.

The maps are very readable and can of course be printed entirely in your corporate identity. Another big advantage is that you print the cards yourself, within your company, with the card printer . So if you want to provide your store with professional counter cards for caterers that are 100% safe, we offer the solution. Order a ready-made package in our eshop .

Questions about the counter card options for you as a caterer? Feel free to contact us .