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Cards for fish shops and supermarkets

Do you have a fish store and would you like beautiful cards for your display case? Perhaps you have now printed price maps yourself and then laminated them. This looks nice, however, attract this moisture and are therefore no longer fresh in no time. The cards for, among others, fishmongers from are easy to clean, and more importantly ISO certified, so that these can be placed in your display case without any problems. Because the price cards are made of PVC / plastic, they can easily be placed between fresh fish products. The printing of the tickets do you do in your own fish shop and done within seconds. This makes it very flexible and you can quickly respond to changes such as price.

The maps are very readable and can of course be printed entirely in your corporate identity. So if you want to supply your cheese shop with professional counter cards that are 100% safe, we offer the solution. You can visit our webshop for ready-made packages for fish shops, but also for re-ordering only for example cards.